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Apfelbaum Dedication Breakfast

Sunday, October 14, 2018 5 Cheshvan 5779

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Join the community for a free breakfast in honor of the dedication of the new parochet.


Please RSVP below so that we know how much food to provide.


A message from Sarah Bierman regarding the new parochet design:

Earlier this year, I was approached by members of the board to submit a design proposal for the shul's new parochet, an honor and opportunity I could not decline.

I tried hard to think of an image or some visual motif that embodies the spirit of this unique
congregation and community. The fact that Mount Sinai aims to be welcoming and hospitable above all else kept coming to mind. This neighborhood, Washington Heights (and its elevation) came to mind. The name of the shul, Mount Sinai, and all the institutions it has absorbed, adopted and taken in over time, came to mind as well.

The only image that felt right and intentional and seemed to embody all those things, was a mountain. Be it Har Sinai, Har Habayit, Har Nevo, Har Gerizim, or any number of biblical
mountains where our ancestors had spiritually and communally significant experiences that define our nation, written or unwritten. Or even our mountain on West 187th Street, here in Manhattan. At first I toyed with flames, clouds, evocations of thunder, but it seemed kitchy. I like that the absence of those features and details leaves the mountain imagery open to interpretation, but the mountain alone felt lacking. Then the verse so rooted in and repeated over the course of the Yamim Nora'im came to me - it comes from the time of year where we try to remember who we were when we were our best selves, our most generous, kind and welcoming selves, and focusing all our efforts in returning to that way of being. And we do it as as a kehilah, in shul, in prayer.

It seems so fitting to me that the dedication of this parochet is happening on the heels of the
chagim, while the potency of that pasuk has not yet faded from our minds. I hope that this
parochet and the intention behind its design inspires this wonderful community to turn the lofty aspirations and goals of Tishrei into something grounded, real and lasting.



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