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Just about everything we do is driven by our members, and the best way to get involved is through one of our extremely active committees.

If you have a great idea and you are passionate about seeing it happen, please contact any of the committees below so that we can support you and these committees to keep bringing great programming, great ideas and community services to the Mount Sinai family and broader community.


Chessed Committee

Click here for more  Chessed Opportunities in our community. 

Education Committee

Check out our ongoing programs and weekly virtual program schedule

Hear past shiurim by Rabbi Taubes

Email with thoughts and suggestions

Eruv Committee

Chair: Freda Birnbaum

Eruv information

To learn more about this committee click HERE

Events Committee

Learn  more about our events HERE

Family Life Committee

Chair: Mirasha Moore

Learn more about our programs HERE

Finance Committee

Chair: Shira Bindiger

Fundraising Committee

Chair: Aliza Schwartz Rabinovich

Check out our committee members HERE

Gabbai Committee

Co-Chair: Davida Kollmar 

Co-Chair: Gilad Kopelman

View our gabbaim committee members HERE

Safety & Security Committee

Co-Chair: Sam Benson 

Co-Chair: Ari Rieser

Shiva Minyan Committee

Chair: Ari Rieser

More information available HERE

Welcoming Committee

Co-Chair: Rebecca Silver

Co-Chair Sarah Ratner


Sat, September 18 2021 12 Tishrei 5782