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Family & Youth Programs


Meals For New Parents:

We work to support families with newborn babies by providing home-cooked meals during their first few weeks back home.‚Äč Please email for more information.




The holidays are coming and so are our kids events! 

Sign up here:

 Shabbat Groups:

Week of 9/17: Tot Shabbat and Minyan Katan

Week of 9/25: Tot Shabbat and Junior Minyan

Beginning October: All groups! 


Welcome to our Kids Kesher! I'd love to hear your ideas of what you want to see in the Kesher! Feel free to have your parents email the office, or drop off a letter in the mailbox to let me know! This Kesher is for YOU!

If you'd like to submit for the next issue, email or drop your drawing/story in the MSJC mailbox by the 28th!

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