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Mt. Sinai Jewish Center

General Membership Meeting

The Nominating Committee would like to advise the Congregation of the proposed slate for next year's Board of Trustees, which appears below.  The election will take place at the General Membership Meeting on Sunday, June 7, 2015, beginning at 10:00 AM
In addition, during the General Membership Meeting there will be a vote on the Constitutional Amendment that was proposed for adoption at the March General Membership Meeting. Since that meeting did not get a quorum, another vote is required. A copy of the proposed Amendment can be found on the Shul website here
All members in good standing who joined the Shul prior to April 18th are eligible to vote at the meeting. If you are not currently in good standing, you can still bring your membership current and be eligible to vote. Please speak to Oren Hiller, our Executive Director, about any membership questions at 212-568-1900 or If you joined after April 18th, though you are not yet eligible to vote, you are still welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting to learn about the current state of Mount Sinai. 
If you are unable to attend the meeting, you can fill out a proxy form and thereby allow another member to vote in your place. Proxy forms can be found on the Shul website here
Proposed Slate for the 2015-2016 Board of Trustees
President: Moshe Berow
Vice President: Rachel Waldman
Recording Secretary: Yamit Alpern Kol
Financial Secretary: Matthew Furleiter
Treasurer: Keren Golan
General Trustees*
1) Sam Benson
2) Freda Birnbaum
3) Isaac Dayan
4) Laura Krule Feld 
5) Rena Garbow
6) Michael Goon 
7) Sarah Gordon 
8) Joshua Haller
9) David Kach
10) Chava Lerner
11) Ayelet Mael
12) Riva Preil
13) Dr. Sara Reguer
14) Ari Rieser
15) Yoni Rosenthal
16) Doniel Stiefel
17) Jason Strauss
18) Yoni Teitz
*Please note that, per the Shul Constitution, Mark Rozenberg is guaranteed a General Trustee position as the immediate past-president. Accordingly, only 18 General Trustee positions are available. 

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As a Kehilla, we are trying to help several members find suitable employment.

If you have any ideas that might be helpful, or if you yourself need assistance, please email

Confidentiality will be respected.

Rambam teaches that finding employment for others is the biggest form of Chesed.

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Thu, 28 May 2015 10 Sivan 5775