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As a community, we are trying to help several members find suitable employment.

If you have any ideas that might be helpful, or if you yourself need assistance, please email

Confidentiality will be respected.

You can also become a mentor resource for job seekers

Rambam writes that finding employment for others is the greatest form of chesed.

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Upcoming Events at Mount Sinai

  • FNLL Daytime Edition: Won't You Be My Neighbor?
    Shabbat, Apr 29th 12:00p to 3:00p
    Do you see familiar faces every Friday night but don't know their names? Do you have shabbat meals with the same 7 friends every week? Do you see the same people on the A train everyday but never made the introduction? Please join us for "Fred Talks - Won't You be My Neighbor", a Special Edition of FNLL presented by the Events and Hospitality Committees. The event will be a communal Shabbat lunch on Shabbat, April 29th inspired by and in memory of Alice Maltz a"H, a woman who epitomized friendliness an



Sun, 23 April 2017 27 Nisan 5777