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MSJC Governance and Policies


We are committed to upholding our moral and legal obligations to our members and our community. We aim to comply with the ordinances of halacha, as well as the laws of the United States, the State of New York, and New York City as set forth by the governing authorities of these jurisdictions.


On this page you will find some of the documents that codify our internal guidelines in order to achieve these ends:


Constitution (as amended December 2018) and Standing Rules and Policies (as updated August 2017) 

Conflict of Interest Policy  (as adopted November 2012)

Employee Conduct Policies and Guidelines (as adopted September 2014)

MSJC shul-kitchen on-site Kashrut Guidelines (when using the shul kitchen)                            (as updated September 2015)

Event and Education Guidelines (updated September 2015) 

Social Media Policy (as adopted April 2016)

Grievance Policy & Procedure - to discuss a concern you may contact: (Sarah Gordon 2018-2019) or  (Alon Agmon, Eitan Bitter, and Ayelet Hilewitz 2018-2019)


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