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Smashing Silence and Tackling Taboos -

Topics in Mental Health


Smashing Silence and Tackling Taboos is a series started in 2015 to address issues that impact many of us either directly or through others we know and to promote mental health for everyone we can reach.

We have held several events geared toward discussing mental health issues and identifying resources for individuals who need help. We hope to raise awareness of and destigmatize these topics.We hope these resources can be of value to people who are seeking help, and to friends and families who support others whom they care about:

Seeking help or giving help can be critical to living a healthy life. 

See the following summaries and resources.


Event Details



Depression and Suicide Prevention Jan. 8, 2015:

Presentation and Panel Discussion

R’ Nati Helfgot, rabbi of Congregation Netivot Shalom in Teaneck, and educator, Dr. Yair Kramer, supervising clinician at the Brooklyn College Counseling Center and an Adjunct Professor in the Brooklyn College Mental Health Counseling Program, Efrem Epstein, the founder of Elijah's Journey and Marc who shared his story.

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Anxiety and OCD, Apr. 29, 2015:

Presentation from Dr. Regine Galanti of the Center for Anxiety, professor of psychology, and Yosef Schick, working with Active Minds at YU.


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Confronting Infertility, Dec. 18, 2015

Discussion with Rabbi Gideon Weitzman of Machon Puah

















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