Education Opportunities

Committee Co-Chairs: Yael Klausner, Yoni Teitz
Committee Members: Jason Strauss, Daniel Falik, Sara Gordon, Sarah Steinberg, Raphy Rosen, Lauren Steinberg

Passionate about Torah? Contact for more information or to get involved!

The Education Committee is looking for new members and sponsors! 


Daf Yomi - with Akiva Berger and Yoni Teitz:

Sun: 8:40 AM,

Mon-Thurs: 9:15 PM

Shabbat: 8:15 AM.

See this month's calendar to verify the Daf schedule


Monday Night Learning  8PM-10 PM

Become an MNL-er! Learn on your own or with a friend during our weekly open beit midrash! Special guest speakers visit periodically. Food is often served and sponsorship opportunities are available- contact for more info. 



Washington Heights Women's Beit Medrash 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

The Washington Heights Women's Beit Medrash was created to give women in the Washington Heights community a space for regular Torah study. Each week, during the first half of the evening, women learn in pairs and have the choice to either learn a topic of their choosing or to learn materials prepared by volunteers.

During the second half of the evening, lecturers from GPATS and Mount Sinai give shiurim to the participants, expounding upon the texts studied by the participants in the first half of the program. Check the home page or Kesher for updates.

Women's Parsha Shiur 7:30 PM

Shiur given by your fellow peers taking place in individuals homes in Washington Heights. If you are interested in giving a shiur or to sign up for updates on locations, please email Leora.



Interactive Tefillah Seminar 11:00AM

Rabbi Schnaidman leads this class for all ages and backgrounds.

The shul will provide babysitting upon request.

 Rabbi Schwartz’s Weekly Halacha Shiur 8:45PM

Current topic Kibbud Av Va'em in a contemporary context

Catch up on shiurim by Rabbi Schwartz.

Some of the 500+ past topics include - childcare on shabbos, hashavat aveida, kashrut, the Vilna Gaon and how he lived, personalities in halacha, analysis of specific melachot on shabbat, shemita, kibbud av va'em - and many more.



Rabbi Schwartz’s Iyun Gemara Chabura 10:15 PM (every other Thursday)

Meets every other week See the monthly calendar for this month's schedule. This chaburah is a great opportunity to reconnect with yeshiva iyun-style learning.  Current topic (updated 10/2014): TBD 



Post-Hashkama shiur 8:50 AM

Presentations from our rabbinic intern and other guest speakers on a range of topics in halacha and Jewish thought

Rabbi Schwartz's weekly Gemara Shiur begins 1 hour before mincha

Gemara shiur with Rashi & Tosfot 

Seuda Shlishit 

Presentations from Rabbi Schwartz and guest speakers on a range of topics (plus zemirot and a meal)


Other Programs

Friday Night Lights (FNL) & Summer Daytime Edition - 8 shabbatot annually

Dinner and a presentation on a range of topics in halacha, Jewish thought and current issues

Shiur-By-Your-Peers (SBYP)

Refreshments and a presentation from a community member on a range of topics in a more informal setting.

Chavruta Program

Sign up for the new Chavruta Match-Up Program or email the Education Committee. Let us know what you want to learn, and we'll help you find someone to learn it with. If you'd like to learn with someone who already signed up, check the weekly education emails to see if your interests match up! If they do, let us know.


Two to four special guests for shabbat throughout the year and other special events.

Past scholars and special speakers at Monday Night Learning have included Rabbi Elazar Muskin, Drs. Erica & Jeremy Brown, Rabbi Elli Fischer, Rabbi Reuven & Mrs. Shani Taragin, Rabbi Menachem Leibtag, Rabbi Haim Jachter, Dr. Yael Ziegler, Rabbi Yehuda Sarna & Dr. Michelle Sarna, Dr. Stuart Halpern, Rabbi Yehoshua Landau, and other esteemed individuals who shared their thoughts and perspectives with us.  


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