Just about everything we do is driven by our members, and the best way to get involved is through one of our extremely active committees.

If you have a great idea and you are passionate about seeing it happen, please contact any of the committees below so that we can support you and these committees to keep bringing great programming, great ideas and community services to the Mount Sinai family and broader community.


Education Committee

Co-Chair: Judah Kerbel

Co-Chair: Davida Kollmar

Check out our ongoing programs 

Events Committee

Chair: Riva Preil


See photos from past events and join the team

Eruv Committee

Chair: Abigail Zemelman


See the map or join the rotation

Chesed Committee

Co-Chair: Leora Staiman

Co-Chair: Rena Gersten


Check out our ongoing programs

Family Life Committee

Co-Chair: Yamit Alpern Kol

Co-Chair: Annie Kleinman


Check out our ongoing programs

Hospitality Committee

Co-Chair: Shira Deluty

Co-Chair: Naftali Pfeiffer


Check out our ongoing programs |

Kiddush Committee

Co-Chair: Sara Shatz

Co-Chair: Chava Wernick


Sponsor our monthly Shabbat Mevarchim kiddush. Join the setup committee

Seuda Shlishit Committee

Chair: Yaacov Kanner


Join us for set up right before mincha. Stick around for words of Torah, zemirot and friends.

Membership Committee

Chair: Keren Golan


Check out our page and Join!

Gabbaut Committee

Co-Chair: Akiva Berger

Co-Chair: Pamela Kaplan

Let us know if you would like to daven, lein or receive an Aliyah,

or if you have any concerns at all..

Chevra Kedisha



Security Committee:
Chair: Jeremy Kugelman


Join our rotation; share your ideas 

Building Committee:
Chair: Nafi Schwarzenberger



Energy and Sustainability 



Check out our work so far and our ongoing programs

Finance Committee

Chair: Donny Finkel


Join the committee or ask a question

Welcome Committee

Chair: Keren Golan

Help reach out to new community members.

Fundraising Committee

Chair: Donny Stiefel


Help reach out during our key fundraising campaigns - mostly the annual dinner and journal.

Kesher Committee


Read the latest news, check out the schedule or let us know if you have something you’d like to include in the announcements.

Nominating Committee

Chair: Pamela Kaplan


Active each spring - See application info 

Board of Trustees

Find out how to join the board for the 2016-2017 term. Elections are held annually in June.

Investment Advisory Committee

Chair: Naftali Polachek

Manage Mount Sinai's stock fund investment portfolio and serve as advisors in the case of any questions.
Sat, June 24 2017 30 Sivan 5777