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On the 19th of Elul 5774 (September 14, 2014) we celebrated Mt. Sinai’s rededication at our Chanukat HaBayit.


This Chanukat HaBayit was the culmination of a two-year, $1.1 million, renovation project to support the growth of the Washington Heights Jewish community. We now have the physical resources to offer more tefilah space, host Torah education opportunities, and support the growing number of families with children by providing facilities for more childcare options. We already meet our new capacity with demand for educational, chesed, social, and family programming nearly every night of the week.


Pledges to the campaign as of December 2014:


If the next generation of Mount Sinai is as exciting for you as it is for us,

consider a donation to the shul, or become a member today.

The project achieved a few major milestones:

- Repaired, reinforced and stabilized portions of our foundation slab

- Replaced a sewer line

- Completely renovated our restrooms, adding a nursing room and modern amenities

- Reclaimed a storage room and transformed it into a classroom

- Reorganized three public spaces and made them contiguous with a divider wall adding flexibility for minyanim, programming and rentals

- Relocated a pantry

- Installed a 13 blower split HVAC system throughout our lower level

- Included gas-insulated low-e windows

- Rededicated, relocated and beautified our Holocaust memorial reference library

- Restored architectural features in our building hidden for over 30 years

- Properly weather-insulated the lower level spaces

- Reduced energy costs by switching to electric heating and cooling on the lower level

- Created a more inviting entrance vestibule


What we got - more than four walls:


Weekday and Sunday minyanim are held in the new Torah and Tefilah Center (TTC) in both open and divided configurations as capacity demands. We welcome a daycare with 6 classes; we host a second local congregation, and hold even more community learning programs, social programming, and chesed opportunities than ever before.

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