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Past Events


Check out our galleries and info on some of our past events down below


Chagigah 2015 | Chagigah 2016

Check out the shpiel and digital shorts competition entrants

MSJC YouTube Channel     MSJC Events Committee Channel

Annual Dinner 2016 - photosHonoring Rachel Waldman, Jason Strauss, Chava & Zev Lerner, Avigayil Zemelman bios, Journal Book

Annual Dinner 2015 - photosHonoring Isaac & Talia Dayan, Sara Shatz, Riva Preil, Debbie Ciner bios, Journal Book,

Annual Dinner 2014 - photos - Honoring Matthew & Talia Furleiter, Mark & Sura Rozenberg, Reina Potaznik, David & Rachel Fryman bios and Journal Book,

Annual Dinner 2013 - photos - Honoring Jeremy & Aviva Stern, Yehudis Isenberg, Danny Bellin, Yitzy & Aliza Greenbaum bios and Journal Book 

Annual Dinner 2012 - photos - Honoring Yosef & Regine Galanti, Eric Heine, Craig & Allison Cohen, Shuli Berger Journal Book

Paint night 2014 - 2015

Just Dough It! - photos

Challah baking and sale - proceeds were donated to several charities

Kristallnacht Commemoration 2014 


Saturday Night Sundaes

2015 | 2014




More Chesed & Fun Events - photos


Panoply trivia extravaganza

January 2016 - photos    January 2015 - photos    December 2012 - photos




Chanukat HaBayit - visit the recap website

September 2014 - Celebration of the re-opening of our renovated lower level


Chesed Days

Light Up the Heights - December 2014 - December 2015

Smashing Silence and Tackling Taboos

Learn more about our ongoing series addressing issues in mental health. We try to cover topics that impact many of us either directly or through people we know and care about.

Fri, October 18 2019 19 Tishrei 5780